a4    a                   a4    a                          d4     d  d4 d
As the polish workers figth to make their stand

        F                               C         d              a4 a a4 a      
and behind thme every hones working man.

      a4   a                         a4    a                 d4       d                       d4        d      
In unitiy there's each other and your friend becomes your brother

       F                                      C      d          a4 a a4 a   
and in the tyrants top will be a lesson learnt.

Ref: Give them hope, give them strength, give them live,
like a candle buring in the black of night.
We are with you in our hearts and in our minds
and we'll pray for a nation through it's darkest times.

I know that your hearts are made of a firmer kind
and a riot stick won't kill your peace of mind.
You can figth with all the spirit that you possess
'cos your fight is a struggle that ist blessed.

The tyrant has no smile upon his face
cos he knows that in his mind he's in disgrace.
The religion of union will take his breath away
our time will come and we will have our day.

As the polish workers fight to make their stand
and behind them every honest working man.
Join hands with your brother
and then you can help each other
watch the tyrant burn in the fires that they have built.

T+M: Angelic Upstarts, 1980, England
(Eine Punk-Band, die aus einer Pfadfinder- oder Jugendgruppe entstanden ist)
In der Freien Jungenschaft war diese Lied besonders wärend der Besetzung der Texaco-Bohrinsel im Wattenmeer sehr beliebt.